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“My kid/wife/husband spends the whole time on social media, ugh…” What sounds like a complaint for others is in fact a great news for your business! Let’s the numbers do the talking: 67% of marketers use Facebook as the most effective social ad channel; 2 billion searches are made on Facebook each month, and 60% of people get to know about new products on Instagram. The only question is: will your product hit this statistics and be seen by this incredible amount of people?


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We’ll help you shout from the rooftop about your business

As the universe of social media is changing fast, we too adapt the already proven methods and add the new ones to keep up with the latest trends on Facebook & co. Each social media channel is different, with different audiences, so what works just fine on Facebook may not be effective on
Instagram. Hence, we create the ad campaigns specifically for each social channel to reach the right people with the right preferences. Besides, we provide gamification solutions to make your social media more appealing to your existing and potential customers and to drive your sales. The Lean &
Sharp approach will help you to spread the word to your audience, distribute the newest content, and advertise the latest game.

Dr. Gero Kühne


Our social media ad services include:

FB Business Manager Setup

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Advanced FB Advertising


Facebook Retargeting

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