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Data and reporting – the digital gold

Why is everyone so crazy about big data and do you have to care about it too? Yep. The big data is
what ties all of your efforts together. Marketing analytics is much more than just the data from your
website; it is also your social media data, your email marketing, your ads, etc. If you don’t know
what to do with it, you’re going nowhere since today it’s impossible to reach business success based
on hypothesis and past experience. You need to understand your big data and make it a starting
point for all your next steps.

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We arm you up with wise data-driven solutions

All Lean & Sharp’s decisions and recommendations come from sensible data analysis. Understanding your audience’s behavior is key; hence, we take care of the lean setup of Google Analytics and Data Studio. For clients who want to leverage their data even more, we offer tracking and analytics of data with Commanders Act. Besides, we are big fans of full and timely reporting so
that you always stay updated. For our kickass reporting sessions, we use tools like Slack or Google Data Studio Report.

Dr. Gero Kühne


Our data and reporting services include

Google Data Studio Setup

Setup and optimization of Google Tag Manager

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