Content Marketing

Content is king

Content is not just a marketing tool. Content is a golden standard. If you have a great product, the
best team in the world but don’t have quality content, you won’t make it to the top. Think about it:
companies that use content marketing witness the average conversion rate 6 times higher than
companies that do not care about content, and 82% of marketers get a positive ROI from blogs.
Why? Because when you create helpful and insightful content on a topic of your focus, you areshowing yourself as an expert in the field, and thus customers trust you more. And that trust is your
key to growth in lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales.

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We find the right words for you

When creating content for you, our goal is not only to increase lead generation and sales, but first of all to instill a strong positive view of your brand in your customers. Our approach is based on growth hacking through a combination of PR strategies and digital marketing. The first step is storytelling. We create a compelling story to get your clients engaged. In the second step, we come up with a strategy to distribute the story through online or offline channels. Then we fill the chosen channels with the refined content. Depending on your needs, you may also get the support of renowned influencers to further your campaign. Besides, we provide content such as website texts, blog posts, or press releases in languages such as German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Romanian.

Dr. Gero Kühne


Our PR and content services include

Content creation

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Influencer support

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