Noser Engineering

Who is Noser Engineering?

Noser Engineering AG is a Swiss-based company that has been a leader in hardware and software engineering for over 35 years. It invents, develops, and implements reliable, thoroughly tested, and high-quality solutions for demanding technical projects.

Situation / Challenge

The market for the solutions and services offered by Noser Engineering is expansive, and the search queries are very different. In order to pick up these interested parties, the website was advertised using Google Ads. However, since the performance of the campaigns was unsatisfactory, and the reporting was insufficiently meaningful, Noser Engineering turned to Lean & Sharp with the request to carry out a review of the campaigns.

The aim was to analyze the actual situation and to recognize how the performance of the campaigns can be increased and how quality leads can be obtained in relation to the campaign budget (clicks and maintenance).

Solution / Our approach

The review of the campaigns showed that they still have a lot of potential and that the performance can be increased accordingly through a professional revision.

In the first step, we updated the Google Analytics set-up and introduced a customer-specific dashboard so that the client can see and understand the relevant KPIs in the reporting in a simple and clear way.

In the next step, we carried out a broad-based keyword research to find the really relevant search terms. The findings from this analysis were then used not only for campaign optimization (keywords and ad texts) but also for a valuable basis for keyword mapping, in which it was clearly defined which subpages of the website should match which keywords on Google (SEO) .

In addition, we trained the internal content team to write optimal ad copies themselves. This ensured that high-performance advertisements could be created flexibly and quickly as part of the CI/CD. Through the subsequent SEO optimization of the website, the success of the Google Ads campaigns was further increased.


Thanks to the professional optimization, the clicks on the website could be focused in such a way that the campaigns generated fewer clicks overall and thus reduced costs, but at the same time the quality of the leads and the time spent on the website could be increased. In addition, the reporting for the customer is now clear and concise and practically self-explanatory.

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