Who is Migrol?

Migrol AG is a leading company in the Swiss energy services market. As a comprehensive energy service provider, it covers the areas of mobility, combustibles, and fuels, as well as renewable energy. Migrol operates around 307 filling stations and around 70 car wash systems throughout Switzerland. The range of products relating to cars is complemented by the Migrol service workshops. Migrol is also a supplier of fossil energy and renewable fuels for private and business customers.

The challenge / starting point:

Migrol’s business model is basically divided into two different sub-areas: (I) energy & heating (oil & renewable energy) and (II) mobility (filling stations & service). Lean & Sharp can accept a multitude of challenges in both areas. There were two big tasks that had to be fulfilled. On the one hand, we had to stabilize the rankings for important keywords, which had dropped significantly after the relaunch of the website. On the other hand, in the course of optimization, we needed to create location pages for each gas station for better ranking. The challenge now was to develop a concept for regional SEO.

Our approach

Our SEO audit showed that there was no keyword focus on relevant keywords and that different subpages were, therefore, competing with each other. Also, no explicit focus keywords were defined and tracked. For this reason, first, we carried out an extensive keyword research. On this basis, focus keywords could be defined and assigned to individual subpages in mapping. These keywords were incorporated into the metadata of the defined sub-pages and simultaneously tracked using a special SEO tool. After creating the keyword focus, we developed and implemented the strategy for internal linking.

The search intent of the user is particularly relevant to regional SEO. To find out how to search for the locations, we conducted extensive keyword research for all locations. These findings flow into the conception of the site pages.


  • Internal competition for focus keywords has been eliminated;
  • So far, tracked keywords have increased by a total of 6 positions;
  • After a training session, the marketing team can independently restore lost backlinks;
  • The concept for the “regional SEO of the site pages” is available and can now be integrated into the development of the site pages.

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