OMTM is the abbreviation for “one metric that matters”. It means the number that is used as the only focus of your daily work and is one of the central concepts in growth hacking. The OMTM is chosen as the number which the growth hacker expects to improve the most in the nearest 2-4 months. The benefit of the OMTM is that it helps you to concentrate all your time and energy on one thing, and, hence, a lot more is done with that one case as compared to many little steps taken across different aspects.

Suitable OMTM examples can be varied as they largely depend on the size of the company and the type of industry. OMTMs can be quite broad or super-specific. The rule with the size of the company is that the larger the company, the more precise OMTM. For example, for a start-up, OMTMs can be the number of website visitors per month. On the contrary, for a larger company, OMTMs could be the number of website visitors per month via SEO to its blog in relation to one specific topic.

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