Google Sandbox

Google sandbox is kind of a probation period for new websites, when certain restrictions are put on young web pages in order to test their authenticity and relevance. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that Google considers older pages as more authentic based on rankings. If your website is sandboxed, it will not show up when you search for keywords you target, and backlinks from other sites won’t be included in Google’s ranking system either. Your website will only appear on the search page when you enter the actual domain name. However, the effects of Google sandbox don’t last long, as a rule. It all depends on the keywords and search data, so it can be anywhere from 6-8 months before your website is able to rank for those particular words again.

Google does not confirm the existence of this probation period and explains the difficulties with promoting a new website by such issues as, for instance, insufficient content or low link mass. At the same time, the phenomenon of Google sandbox does exist on the web.

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