Bumper Ads - Everything You Need to Know!

Bumper ads are six-second-long video ads that play before, during, or after watching YouTube videos. These short and concise advertising clips are specifically optimized for mobile users who often browse in short sessions. Unlike longer ads, bumper ads cannot be skipped, ensuring that your message is conveyed in the shortest amount of time.

Key Points of Bumper Ads

  • Maximum length: Bumper ads must not exceed six seconds and must be hosted on YouTube. This brevity ensures that users are minimally disrupted while watching.
  • Non-skippable: Unlike some other ad formats, viewers cannot skip bumper ads, meaning that your message is guaranteed to be seen.
  • CPM-goal bids: Bids for bumper ads are based on the CPM goal (cost-per-1000-impressions). Advertisers determine how much they are willing to pay when their ad is delivered 1,000 times. Optimized bids aim to achieve as many impressions as possible, even if the cost of some impressions exceeds the CPM goal. However, the goal is to reduce the average CPM of the ad campaign to the specified or a lower amount.
  • No remarketing lists: It is not possible to create remarketing lists based on the playback of bumper ads.

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Effective on Mobile Devices

Bumper ads are particularly suitable for mobile devices since videos on these devices are often viewed on the go. The short and concise nature of these ads allows for effective engagement with potential customers in short sessions, increasing brand awareness.

Using bumper ads can help you expand the reach and frequency of your brand, ensuring that your message resonates with viewers, even in times when attention is a scarce resource.

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