Growth hacking is a relatively new marketing method that uses creativity, data analysis, and flexible thinking to sustainably increase the growth of a company through specific tactics (“hacks”)
Lean management is a new way of thinking that aims to optimize the entire process of the value chain and avoid unnecessary “wastage”.
Growth hacking is often compared to performance marketing. Therefore, we have written a special article which shows the differences between the two. Click here to read the article!
No! While growth hacking was originally used to promote start-ups, this methodology can now be useful not only for startups but also for corporations or SMEs. In most cases, the diverse ways of using growth hacking are very beneficial.
The way a growth hacker works is always geared towards growth, and this person constantly asks themselves the question: “How can maximum growth be achieved?”. The growth hacker has the mindset to work across departments and make the right decisions. At best, a growth hacker should have a T-shaped profile (the advantages of specialist and generalist combined), which means having a general knowledge in many areas and specializing in at least one or more categories.
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